Best Practices

Hispanic National Bar Association: DREAMer Initiative — Advocating for Equal Access to Financial Aid for Dreamers through Private, State, and Institutional Partners

The Hispanic National Bar Association created a toolkit to empower advocates, lawyers, students, and others to expand equal access to financial aid for Dreamers through private, state, and institutional actors. The toolkit provides the resources and tools to:

  • Encourage private scholarships and foundations to rescind any “citizenship” requirement.
  • Educate state legislature on the importance of Dreamer-friendly laws, especially around higher education access and tuition.
  • Contact alma matters and other educational institutions and encourage them to adopt Dreamer-friendly admission and financial aid policies.

Download the toolkit here or by clicking on the above image.

Learning Circle – Helping Undocumented Students Pay for College: Learning from Higher Ed Innovators

Income Sharing Agreements: An emerging model to help DREAMers pay for their education and build a sustainable funding model

  • A presentation by Kevin James, President of Better Future Forward, on the use of Income Sharing Agreements to help undocumented students pay for college
  • A discussion with Matthew Gianneschi, Chief Operating Officer, Colorado Mountain College, and Ricshawn Adkins Roane, Chief of Staff, Jack Kent Cooke Foundation on why and how they have adopted their versions of the ISA model

Financial Aid for DREAMers: Opening Existing and New Financial and Scholarship Aid to DREAMers – Overcoming Barriers and Challenges

  • Review of opportunities, challenges and barriers to opening financial and scholarship aid to DREAMers with Candy Marshall
  • A discussion with John Smarrelli, President Christian Brothers University, Melissa Pizzo, Executive Director of Financial Aid and Scholarship Services, Arizona State University, and Miriam Feldblum on the use of endowments, institutional aid, tuition discounts or waivers and private scholarship funds to help DREAMers pay

View the learning circle presentations and listen to the discussions by clicking here:

Supporting Undocumented Students via Resource Centers: What Institutions can Learn from New Research and Best Practices

The Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration, TheDream.US, and the UndocuScholars Project at UCLA co-sponsored this webinar presenting the findings of two new studies: “In Their Own Words, Higher Education, DACA & TPS: Results from a National Survey of TheDream.US Scholars;” and “Undocumented Student Resource Centers (USRCs): Institutional Supports for Undocumented Students.” Leaders from USRCs discuss their effective practices and how to start, run, and sustain these centers.

View the video by clicking here:


Supporting Undocumented Students