Calling on Congress to Prioritize DACA Recipients and Dreamers and Pass Bipartisan Dream Legislation this Year

The Presidents’ Alliance developed a template letter to Congress, particularly the Senate, for colleges and universities to adapt and send to their Senators or to their state congressional delegations in the wake of the decision from the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. The recent developments underscore the urgent need for Congress to act to provide permanent protections for all Dreamers via a pathway to citizenship.  

The goal of the letter is to assist colleges and universities in sharing their support for DACA recipients, undocumented students, and other Dreamers by urging Congress to pass bipartisan Dream legislation this year.  The template does not discuss any particular legislation, and instead urges senators in the strongest possible terms to act now to reach a bipartisan compromise before the end of the year to provide protection and a pathway to citizenship to DACA recipients, undocumented students, and other Dreamers.

Letters can be sent by individual institutions, an institution’s Board of Trustees, or by a coalition of institutions from your state. See below for some excellent examples from our members. 

Download Template

Letters from Members