DACA’s 10th Anniversary

 DACA is Turning 10!

Nearly ten years ago, on June 15, 2012, the sustained advocacy and courageous storytelling of undocumented students won a transformative victory when the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program was announced. More than 800,000 individuals have since relied on the work permits, deportation protections, and other opportunities afforded by DACA to pursue their career and educational goals, including many on your respective campuses. In the process, these DACA recipients have demonstrated why expanding opportunities for immigrants is so important – both to their own lives and to the future of this country. And, now, as the majority of undocumented students coming to our campuses do not have DACA and the future of DACA is under threat in the courts, the moment to build on DACA’s successes and press for bipartisan Dream legislation is more urgent than ever. 

Ways to Support the DACA Anniversary from Your Campus

We hope you and your campus will be able to celebrate the transformative impact of DACA and the many contributions of undocumented students on your campuses and in your communities.

  • Spotlight on students and alumni: We know many of your institutions have powerful stories of immigrant students with and without DACA who have succeeded in and out of the classroom. Many are now thriving in workplaces in your state and across the country. From recirculating past stories and coverage of undocumented students to spotlighting new students and alums with relevant stories, your university communications channels are a powerful vehicle for the DACA anniversary week. As always, it is important to confirm that you have the consent of those whose stories you are sharing. 
  • Social Media and Communications Toolkit for Institutions. See our DACA Anniversary Social Media Communications Toolkit for Higher Education for comprehensive, higher-ed focused messaging guidance, including template social media, campus statement language, tips and sample content for writing an op-ed, graphics, and useful statistics, to help support DACA, celebrate the anniversary, and call for Congressional action. When sharing, please use the #WithDACA and #DACA10 hashtags, and tag us at @PresImmAlliance so we can also engage with you!

Messaging Focus for DACA at 10 

Three core messaging points to consider on and around the DACA 10 Year Anniversary:

  • DACA has been transformative: Reflections on how the expanded opportunities afforded by DACA helped change lives and strengthen campuses, workplaces, and the country over the past decade.
  • Contributions of all undocumented students/alumni: Examples of the stories and successes of students and alums with DACA as well as other undocumented students and alumni, some of whom were likely affected by the inability to apply into DACA for several years.
  • We cannot wait/urgency of action: DACA has never been the permanent goal and, especially given ongoing legal challenges to the program’s future, it’s time to build on the successes of DACA to provide a permanent way for DACA students AND undocumented immigrant students to fully participate in the country they call home. This means continuing to advocate for legislation that will include a path to citizenship for these undocumented individuals.