Educating for Action: How Your Students and Campus Can Advance Immigrant Justice

This one-hour webinar, Educating for Action: How Your Students and Campus Can Advance Immigrant Justice, presented concrete steps campuses can take to support immigrants and asylum seekers. With 1.2 million pending cases in immigration courts, there is a national shortage of advocates prepared to guide immigrants through this complex system. Students are eager to learn more about immigration and how they can direct their energies, passions, and talents to support immigrant justice. As hubs of knowledge, innovation, and social change in communities across the country, colleges and universities are uniquely positioned to take advantage of this moment and create opportunities for their students to put their passion to work for immigrant and refugee families.

Speakers shared cutting edge approaches to expanding education about immigration law and community-based opportunities for students to represent immigrants and asylum seekers in immigration proceedings.

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Speakers included:

  • Michele Pistone, Professor of Law, Villanova University, School of Law, Clinic for Asylum, Refugee and Emigrant Services (CARES)
  • Jonathan Goldman, Executive Director, Student Clinic for Immigrant Justice
  • Hilary Parsons Dick, PhD, Associate Professor of International Studies, Arcadia University and VIISTA student
  • Seth Stulen, Program Manager of Brown University‚Äôs Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Studies
  • Natalia Ibarra, student, Brown University and SCIJ Immigration Advocate
  • Kathryn Churchill, student, Stanford University and VIISTA Student