Higher Ed Afghan Response and Advocacy: Action & Information Briefing

On September 9, 2021, the Presidents’ Alliance held a briefing, Higher Ed Afghan Response and Advocacy: Action & Information Briefing.

This briefing shared with campuses what is happening on the ground for Afghan refugees coming to the US, what is needed, and how campuses can engage. Refugee resettlement, organizational and institutional leaders and policy experts addressed the significant needs of and the current policy and legal context for SIVs, Afghan students and scholars, and others coming to the U.S., as well as for Afghan students and scholars currently in the U.S.; and discussed specific actions and advocacy that they are pursuing and the opportunities for campuses to get engaged. The briefing covered how institutions can support with enrolling or connecting interested SIVs and displaced Afghan students and scholars with their colleges and universities, support the housing needs for Afghan families, and engage in advocacy for Afghan students, scholars and others in their campus communities. The event was co-sponsored by UARRM, The New University in Exile, World Education Services, Scholars at Risk, Backpack, and IIE.

You can find the resource folder for the event here.

You can find a summary of legal pathways and resources for Afghan students and scholars here, and a fact sheet here.