Legal Pathways that Work Initiative

Daily news reports feature stories of businesses that are struggling to fill critical vacancies in STEM, education, and healthcare, among other fields. Meanwhile, there is a ready workforce with the skills needed to create and advance a healthy economy. U.S. colleges and universities draw students from around the world, fostering their talent and investing in their education and training. Yet, many international, undocumented, and refugee students are left on their own to navigate existing legal pathways to work in the U.S. post-graduation.

The lack of immigration resources and services to support non-citizen students in temporary or precarious statuses has become a clear challenge in higher education, one that impacts our national economy and global competitiveness, as well as graduates’ future prospects.

The absence of employment-based immigration resources and services is a stark gap in the higher education landscape that harms students, institutions, communities, and employers, especially in sectors with critical skill shortages.

The Presidents’ Alliance is launching a new initiative, Legal Pathways that Work (LPTW), to address this need. Through the LPTW initiative, we will develop and deliver immigration resources to institutions and students to support careers in the U.S. post-graduation.  The program will lead to more institutions supporting employment-based immigration options for their graduates, allowing more foreign-born graduates to launch their careers and contribute to the U.S. economy.

Read more about the initiative and the Presidents’ Alliance collaboration with NAFSA: Association of International Educators.