Cost of college for undocumented students will stay high as Indiana lawmakers decline to change law

Identifying this information across state lines can be difficult, said Miriam Feldblum, executive director of the Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration.

The organization created the Higher Education Immigration Portal in March 2021, which tracks legislation changes across the country. The resource was made because the organization was unable to find comprehensive information on which states provide in-state tuition, financial aid, and access to higher education institutions and the workforce licenses for people who identify as undocumented or qualify for DACA.

At least three states, including Indiana, have legislation only allowing DACA students to receive in-state tuition.

“Three-quarters of students graduating from high school now do not have access to DACA and do not qualify for DACA,” Feldblum said. “And in fact, the majority of students in college do not have DACA.”

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