Support Dreamers’ Futures via the Reconciliation Bill | Opinion

Presidents’ Alliance Steering Committee members Tony Allen, President of Delaware State University, and Brian Sandoval, President of the University of Nevada, Reno, co-authored an Op-Ed in Newsweek arguing for the importance of supporting Dreamers via Reconciliation. Please continue reading to view an excerpt from the article.


For Dulce Guerrero and Perla Gonzalez Roman, and thousands of DACA students just like them who are finding ways to make their communities a better place, DACA and a path to citizenship are critical to their success and our country’s future. Yet there’s only so much we can do at the campus or state level. More consequential reform must come from Washington, a fact highlighted when a federal judge in Texas again¬†threw the future of the successful DACA program into uncertainty¬†this past July. Despite the current administration’s ongoing attempts to solidify DACA, the continued legal and procedural challenges underscore the dire need to build on DACA’s successes and deliver legislation with citizenship for Dreamers.

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