UO joins amicus brief in support of international students

The University of Oregon, along with more than 110 other colleges and universities, has joined an amicus brief in support of international students and a federal work program.

The case, Washtech vs. Department of Human Services, involves a legal challenge to the Optional Practical Training program, a visa status that allows international students to work in their field on a temporary basis. It provides experiential learning for the UO’s international students and scholars, and it allows them to obtain practical training that expands on their academic studies.

The UO joined the friend of the court brief to demonstrate support for international students and the training program.

“We are deeply invested in the success of all of our students, and a key strength of this university is experiential learning hat provides hands-on experiences,” said Dennis Galvan, dean and vice provost for global engagement. “The international students of today will be global leaders of the future, and the continuation of OPT is a key element to their future success.”

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