US: “victory” as OPT ruling upheld by appeal court

In a move which the Presidents’ Alliance has called a “victory”, the ruling, which has been supported in an amici brief by over 150 different universities as a “job creator” and a “critical role in experiential learning”, will provide more assurance that graduates will be able to undertake OPT and STEM OPT programs.

The program gives international graduates the opportunity, for an initial 12 months (longer on STEM programs), to work in an area “closely related to their study”. Applications can also be made for an extension to up to 36 months.

“We are very gratified by the decision by the D.C. Court of Appeals. Experiential learning, such as OPT, is now and has long been, a crucial component of education in this country, and OPT provides international students with a vital resource for gaining work experience, complementing their education, and pursuing their careers,” executive director of the Presidents’ Alliance Miriam Feldblum told The PIE News.

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