Communications and Initiatives

Preparing for DACA SCOTUS Decision. We created Campus Checklist to Prepare for a Supreme Court DACA Decision, a best practices document for campuses to prepare for a Supreme Court decision on DACA.

Amicus Briefs. The Presidents’ Alliance coordinated with pro bono counsel and hundreds of higher education institutions to lead amicus briefs on a variety of litigation, including the rescission of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), support of OPT in the WashTech case, and opposition to the administration’s proposed public charge rule. To learn more about these briefs, visit our litigation page.

Dream Advocacy: Please check out the Advocacy and Informational Toolkit created especially for our members. We will continue to update the toolkit and resources when there are developments in Congress.  For contact information of Congressional offices, click here. Password: “congress”.

Nationwide Injunction to the Unlawful Presence Policy. In early May, a Federal district judge issued a nationwide injunction halting the application of the unlawful presence policy that targeted international students and other F, J, and M visa holders. We coordinated the amicus brief joined by 66 institutions in support of the legal challenge to the unlawful presence policy and continue to support efforts to rescind this policy.

Presidents’ Alliance Policy Roadmap and Convening. In April, we hosted the Alliance’s first national convening. In May, we shared with our members a revised Presidents’ Alliance Policy Roadmap based upon feedback from the convening attendees and other members, along with the priorities and themes shared by members. See our May 23, 2019 member update for more information.

100k Undocumented High School Graduates Each Year. In April, the Migration Policy Institute released groundbreaking research demonstrating that nearly 100k undocumented students graduate from high school every year. The research was commissioned by the Presidents’ Alliance.

Higher Education Immigration Policy and Action Guide Our Spring 2019 Higher Education Immigration Policy and Action Guide provides updates on a number of policies and initiatives


We have released a series of FAQs for our members on critical immigration issues in the campus context:

Each topic is covered in a separate briefing so those on campus may focus on specific issues as needed. You can click on any of the above topics to download that set of FAQS, or click here for the full set of FAQS. The Introduction to the FAQs is also available here as a separate document if you want to share individual FAQs along with the general introduction.