Membership Contribution

For Presidents’ Alliance Members

At the Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration, we believe that supporting Dreamers, other immigrant students, and international students is integral to the mission of higher education and vital to the future of America. While the expected institutional membership contribution is voluntary, we strongly encourage you to become an active member by making an annual contribution to support the Alliance’s ongoing work. Active membership benefits include:

  • Regular member updates and alerts on all immigration matters that intersect with higher education.
  • No limit on the number of campus individuals to be added to our communications lists
  • Action and advocacy opportunities for you and your campus to consider
  • Resources, institutional toolkits and specialized briefings
  • Technical assistance on specific questions or needs
  • Waiver of any fees to participate in amicus brief opportunities
  • Reduced registration fees to Presidents’ Alliance convenings

The nonprofit Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration is a project of the National Center for Civic Innovation, a 501(c)(3) organization created to facilitate the ability of cities and communities throughout the United States to improve the quality of life and the performance of government and nonprofit organizations.

Institutional Membership Contribution

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  • Please Select your Institutional Membership Contribution Tier: Membership tiers are based on your institution’s full-time equivalent student enrollment (FTE) and total education and general expenditures (E&G). Please select the membership tier below that best fits your institution:

    Institution Type Total FTE Total E&G Expected Membership Contribution
    4 yearUnder 10,000 ANDUnder $50 million$1,000
    4 yearOver 10,000 OROver $50 million$2,500
    2 yearNAUnder $50 million$1,000
    2 yearNAOver $50 million$2,500
    AnyUnder 1,000 ORUnder $10 million$500