Webinar Recording and Resources – Opportunities to Connect to Refugee Students Overseas

On Wednesday, June 14, 2023, the Presidents’ Alliance hosted a one-hour webinar on “Opportunities to Connect to Refugee Students Overseas, co-sponsored by KenSAP, Syrian Youth Empowerment Initiative, and DuoLingo/UNHCR Advising.

This webinar provided an overview of opportunities and effective practices for campuses to enroll and support refugee students from overseas. The webinar highlighted the work of three college access programs, KenSAP, Syrian Youth Empowerment Initiative, and DuoLingo/UNHCR Advising,  that support refugee students’ access to higher education. It also highlighted the opportunities for collaboration to enroll refugee students and campuses shared effective practices from their experiences working with partners to recruit and admit refugee students.

You can watch the webinar recording below:

The resource folder can be found here.


Speakers Included:

  • Ahmed Haj Ahmed, SYE Student Mentor, Haverford College
  • Elysa Bryen, Operations Manager, Syrian Youth Empowerment Initiative
  • Alan Davidson, Executive Director, KenSAP
  • Laura Kaub, University Access Advisor, DuoLingo/UNHCR
  • Olufemi Ogundele,  Associate Vice Chancellor of Admissions & Enrollment, UC Berkeley
  • Elyan Paz, Assistant Vice President and Dean of Admissions, Macalester College
  • Laura Wagner, Presidents’ Alliance (moderator)

Thank you to our co-sponsors!