Presidents’ Alliance and NGO Letter on Inclusion of Title IV Assistance for DACA and TPS Holders in Reconciliation

On July 28, 2022, the Presidents’ Alliance sent out two letters to Congress: a letter signed by Executive Director Miriam Feldblum, along with an NGO letter signed by 96 organizations. The two letters are calling on lawmakers to include in the FY 2022 budget reconciliation, an expansion of Title IV of the Higher Education Act to allow DACA recipients, DED and TPS holders to receive federal financial aid under that act. Through the reconciliation process, Congress has the unique opportunity to expand access to federal financial aid to include DACA recipients, DED and TPS holders. The expansion would lower the financial barriers to higher education for these groups, allow them to pursue higher education, and continue to contribute to our nation’s economy.

NGO Letter

PA LetterĀ