Presidents’ Alliance Letter on Budget Reconciliation

The Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration writes to urge the Senate to incorporate the following provisions through the FY 2022 budget reconciliation legislation: (a) incorporate a parole program for undocumented students and immigrants, including, dreamers, DACA recipients, and TPS holders; (b) expand Pell Grants and ensure that the expansion also provide eligibility to DACA recipients, other undocumented students, TPS and DED holders; (c) ensure that any provision providing free community college tuition or scholarships includes eligibility to undocumented students, including DACA recipients; and (d) include an expansion of dual intent and accelerated green card path for international students. Enacting these policies will not only provide much needed and well-deserved protection for vulnerable populations, but also promote the United States as the preeminent destination for international students and scholars to study, live, and work. 

Full letter can be viewed here.