Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration’s Statement on Texas DACA Ruling

Washington, D.C.— We were gratified to learn of District Judge Andrew Hanen’s ruling today which means that DACA renewals will continue for now. This is important news for students, campuses, and communities across the country. We strongly encourage DACA recipients who are eligible to renew to do so. But, this relief should not be temporary.

As leaders of higher education institutions that collectively educate over 4 million students we can clearly state: DACA works. It has allowed those brought to this country at a young age and raised as Americans the opportunity to develop their full human potential and deploy it in ways that make our country and communities stronger. We see it on our campuses and among our students and alumni every day.

We call on the Administration to end its efforts to dismantle the DACA program, and we urge Congress to act now to protect Dreamers permanently — without using them as bargaining chips or harming their families or other immigrant populations.

Download the press release.