Presidents’ Alliance Celebrates Passage of Arizona Prop 308


November 14, 2022
Contact: Diego Sánchez (

Washington, D.C.— The Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration releases the following statement celebrating the passage of Proposition 308, which will allow in-state tuition at Arizona public colleges and universities to students who graduated from an Arizona public high school, regardless of immigration status. Proposition 308 will enable more of Arizona’s Dreamers to join their peers in pursuing higher education at Arizona’s public colleges and universities and contribute to their campuses, communities, and state. The Arizona ballot initiative’s passage is another reminder—confirmed by a recent array of polling—of the strong bipartisan support for Dreamers across the country. 

Christian Penichet-Paul, Director of the Higher Ed Immigration Portal and State Policy, stated: “Arizona has approved Proposition 308, a historic achievement that expands access to equal tuition rates to the state’s undocumented students. Arizonans have delivered a resounding message to the nation: undocumented students are and should continue to be integral parts of our communities. We congratulate our Arizona partners, the bipartisan coalition, and the many undocumented students that delivered this victory on Proposition 308. We must also note that this victory does not absolve Congress from the need to act. Congress needs to pass a permanent, legislative solution before the end of this year to ensure Dreamers and other undocumented students have an opportunity to stay in the U.S.” 

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