Presidents’ Alliance Signs On to Amicus Brief in Support of DACA

United We Dream’s Amicus Brief Filed in Texas v. United States in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit

December 16, 2021
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WASHINGTON, D.C.—As the Biden Administration appeals the Fifth Circuit court decision that ruled DACA unlawful, the Presidents’ Alliance signed onto an amicus brief with United We Dream and 83 other organizations, including 60 colleges and universities, in strong support of the program. The brief, submitted yesterday, emphasizes DACA’s crucial role in improving the lives of immigrant students and alumni, their families, and the country. It also highlights the importance of higher education for DACA recipients, the contributions of DACA recipients to campuses and communities, and the opportunities to pursue higher education enabled by the program. The Biden administration also submitted its brief last week urging the court to restore DACA, arguing that DACA is within the confines of current law and that the district court made an error to hold otherwise.

Miriam Feldblum, Executive Director of the Presidents’ Alliance, stated: “At colleges and universities, we have witnessed on a daily basis the immense contributions of DACA recipients—as students, staff, faculty, and alumni—to our campuses, and the vital benefits and protections that DACA has provided to these individuals. Presidents’ Alliance member institutions have educated thousands of DACA recipients and have benefited greatly from their talents and the passion they bring to campus communities across the country—as students in the sciences, math, and engineering, health sciences, education, social sciences, humanities, and much more.”

Cezanne Hayden-Dyer, DACA recipient, stated: “As a DACA recipient, DACA has been instrumental in my ability to pursue higher education and further my career goals. Without this program, I know my opportunities would have been limited. DACA is essential to the thousands of current DACA recipients and to the DACA-eligible individuals that have been locked out of the program because of the court’s decision.  It is imperative that the court fully restores the program so that more eligible individuals will be allowed the opportunity to achieve their dreams and pursue their higher education goals.”


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