Public Charge Regulation on the Way

2019 cover public charge

The administration’s proposed public charge regulation is currently at the Office of Management and Budget, indicating that the final regulation will soon be published in the federal register. The public charge group would define the use of a variety of benefits, including nutrition, housing, and other benefits by immigrants as grounds to determine they are a “public charge,” triggering serious immigration consequences.

Previously, the Alliance submitted a comment opposing the proposed public charge regulation, which you can read here. Last year, when the regulation was announced, Alliance members also issued a statement in opposition to the proposed regulation. Access to the social safety net is crucial for workforce and educational development. A hungry student cannot learn and excel in their educational goals, nor will they contribute to the economic engine of their local communities and states. CLASP released a report connecting the availability of public benefits and workforce, educational, and economic development, which you can read here. We will keep members updated with the latest developments as they occur.