The Presidents’ Alliance and Partners’ Education Week of Action for Dreamers!

The Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration, TheDream.US, and partners hosted a Higher Ed Dream Action Week last week to urge Congress to deliver on a bipartisan legislative fix for DACA recipients and other Dreamers. Without urgent action from Congress, hundreds of thousands of DACA recipients will be at risk of losing their protections, potentially being pushed out of the workplace, and cruelly separated from their families. 

In both Washington, D.C. and virtually across the country, campus leaders and Dreamers from North Carolina, Texas, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and other key states shared with Senators, Members of Congress, and other elected leaders and stakeholders why it’s vital for Congress to work together during the lame duck session to pass a permanent legislative fix resolving Dreamers’ status. Among our many activities:

  • Letter from University Presidents to Senate Leadership: On Monday (11/28), the Presidents’ Alliance Steering Committee issued a letter to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell urging them to pass bipartisan legislation before the end of the year to protect DACA recipients and other Dreamers.  
    • Press Call for Media: On Tuesday, the Presidents’ Alliance and TheDream.US co-hosted a press call featuring higher education and business leaders from Texas and Florida joining with Dreamer community representatives and advocates. On the call, Gregory Haile, President of Broward College in Florida, stated: “Dreamers strengthen our classrooms, serve our communities, and stand ready to bridge workforce gaps that face our nation. It is time to remove the fragility that pervades the lives of Dreamers, and provide the stability that will lift our nation.” Michael Sorrell, President of Paul Quinn College in Texas, also spoke on the call, noting: “DACA has been transformational for students at my institution and across the nation. And it’s time to ensure that DACA recipients’ uncertain futures are resolved through a bipartisan legislative fix.” Media attendees included The Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Ed, Politico, CQ Roll Call, Texas Tribune, NPR Dallas, and EFE Newswire.
  • DC Fly-In and Meetings with Key Senators: Campus leaders and Dreamers from Arizona, Florida, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Utah joined the Presidents’ Alliance and TheDream.US’s successful fly-in and met with Senators and their staffs to call for bipartisan Dream compromise.

See several accompanying photos below:

  • Dreamers meeting with Senator Sinema (shown right)
  • Meeting with Sen. Marco Rubio’s Office (Tweet)
  • Meeting with Sen. Roy Blunt’s Office (Tweet)
  • Meeting with Sen. Romney’s Office (Tweet)
  • Meeting with Senator Cornyn’s office (seen below)

Part of the Texas delegation going to meet with Cornyn’s office

  • White House Meeting: Presidents’ Alliance members, along with TheDream.US, met with Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona and Deputy Assistant to the President for Immigration Betsy Lawrence to discuss the priorities of passing Dream legislation this year and the need to defend DACA while also exploring alternatives for the many students without DACA. The presidents were appreciative and energized by the engagement and commitments of support for dreamers expressed by the Secretary and the administration officials. See the below photo with Secretary Cardona and meeting attendees:

    • The Presidents’ Alliance and partners’ advocacy media coverage: Recent coverage over the past week includes stories from Inside Higher Ed; Chronicle of Higher Education; Politico; Diverse: Issues in Higher Education; the Dallas NPR affiliate; EFE Spanish Newswire; and INSIGHT: Into Diversity. Find specifics from media coverage here.

Presidents’ Alliance Members and Allies Engage in Additional Advocacy and Calls to Action. Throughout the week, individual institutions, organizations, and advocates called for Congress to protect Dreamers before the end of the year – sending letters, participating in a tweetstorm, and making their presence felt on social media (see a sampling of tweets below!).

  • University of Oregon Advocates (Tweet)
  • New York University (Tweet)
  • President of Macalester College (Tweet)
  • President of Antioch College (Tweet)
  • President of Northern Arizona University (Tweet)
  • University of Illinois system (Tweet)
  • University of Puget Sound (Tweet)
  • Borough of Manhattan Community College (Tweet)
  • National College Attainment Network (Tweet)
  • Teach for America (Tweet)

If you want to learn how to join the powerful advocacy push on behalf of a bipartisan solution for Dreamers, find related advocacy materials HERE.