The Presidents’ Alliance submits comment letter opposing the proposed “public charge” order

The Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration and the Community College Consortium for Immigrant Education submit joint comment letter opposing the proposed “public charge” order. The letter expands on ten grave concerns and issues for higher education.
“As educators and leaders of higher education institutions and organizations, we know that when students and their families are unable to meet core living and housing needs or face higher costs, the students are less likely to pursue and continue with their educational and career pathways. While Pell Grants and other non-cash benefits that provide education, child development, employment, and job training are not included in the specified public benefits, we believe the proposed regulations will have damaging consequences, affecting students, families, and campuses across the nation. We are very concerned that many eligible immigrant students may mistakenly avoid applying for Pell or other financial aid and will be unable to afford higher education. Indeed, the Association of Community College Trustees and other higher education associations have received reports of students turning down Pell and financial aid awards in fear of repercussions from the changes to public charge.”