Presidents’ Alliance Toolkit:

Messaging And Resources For Supreme Court Decision To Grant Cert

January 22, 2019
The Supreme Court has granted cert to the Department of Justice’s petition that the Court take up the DACA cases this session, before all the cases complete the usual judicial review through the appellate courts.  In granting cert, the Supreme Court has also consolidated all the DACA cases now proceeding in the lower courts. Anticipated Timeline for the DACA cases: TBD
This toolkit contains messaging, resources, and suggested language that may be useful for campus messages and actions.   To download the toolkit, click here    Toolkit Contents:
  • Background
  • Messaging depending on if cert is granted or denied
  • Suggestions for campus messages and statements
  • Template for public statement
  • Social Media suggestions
Other resources
  • Presidents’ Alliance public statement on the Supreme Court decision to grant cert – download
  • Presidents’ Alliance letter to Congressional leaders – download

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