USCIS Releases DACA Data and Statistics as of March 31, 2020

Last month, USCIS released a variety of data and statistics regarding the DACA population, among other things, these statistics included, as of March 31, 2020. You can download the entire data set here.

  • Number of pending DACA requests;
  • Number of DACA recipients;
  • Number of current DACA recipients;
  • Demographic information for current DACA recipients; and
  • Updated quarterly data for initial and renewal requests.

Importantly, the quarterly data breaks down DACA residency by state, which may be helpful for colleges and universities in these states. The data are also broken down by country of birth. Finally, the following is an analysis of the data provided by Mayra J. of the National Immigration Law Center:

General data:

  • There are approximately 643,560 current DACA recipients, and 39,130 renewal applications pending.
  • There are approximately 42,540 DACA recipients with an EAD expiring by June 2020. Of this number, only 19,520 individuals (or approx. 46%) have a renewal application pending.
  • Approximately 8,210 renewal applications that expired before 3/31/2020 are still being processed.
  • Since the injunctions were granted in January 2018, USCIS has processed 767,730 DACA applications of which 712,610 were approved.

Data from 2020:

  • Since January 1, 2020, USCIS has approved 64,347 applications. This means that 64,347 DACA recipients have a work authorization that will expire in 2022.
  • Since January 1, 2020, USCIS has received 82,672 DACA applications.
  • Since January 1, 2020, USCIS has accepted 78,927 for adjudication (or processing) and rejected 3,745 at the lockbox (for reasons unknown).
  • Between October 2019 and March 2020, USCIS has approved 138,426 DACA applications and denied 2,240.

Helpful data for COVID-19 implications:

  • USCIS has 39,130 DACA applications pending for case review, with 8,770 expiring in April and 15,070 expiring in May. Many of these applications are being impacted by USCIS closures (see the relevant resources below explaining how DACA applications are being processed):
  • Of the 23,840 DACA recipients with an EAD expiration date in either April or May, only 12,140 (about 51%) have a renewal application pending.
  • Number of current DACA recipients in the states most affected by COVID-19, based on the NY times case tracker:
    • NY:  28,180
    • NJ: 16,350
    • CA: 183,460
    • MI: 5,250
    • FL: 24,810