How the Build Back Better Act Would Help Dreamers in College

This provision’s inclusion in the bill has been years in the making, with organizations like TheDream.US, UnidosUS and the Presidents’ Alliance on Higher Education and Immigration advocating for accessible higher education benefits for undocumented students. It’s been a key priority for the members of the Presidents’ Alliance, a coalition of over 500 presidents and chancellors of public and private institutions, since the alliance was founded in 2017, according to Miriam Feldblum, who is co-founder and executive director.
“Financial aid is what enables students to enroll in higher education, to be retained in higher education and to graduate,” Feldblum said. “It’s fundamental to the work.”
. . . .
“An increasing number of undocumented students are coming to campuses who are not eligible for DACA,” Feldblum said. “While this is really important, it’s just a down payment. We still need legislation that covers all undocumented students and provides extension of eligibility to all those who only know the U.S. as their home.”

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