Sector backs US relief, but says expansion needed

“The decision to couple SSR alongside TPS is very encouraging and should be applied to all countries experiencing crises,” Jill Welch, senior policy advisor to the Presidents’ Alliance, said in a statement.

The organisation applauded the Biden administration for its recent efforts to “utilise TPS more zealously than previous administrations”, while NAFSA was “heartened” to see the SSR announcement for international students from Ukraine, Sudan and other countries “that meet the ’emergent circumstances’ standard, as described in NAFSA’s SSR resource page”.

Together, TPS and SSR allow students to “continue their education and participate in our economy by continuing to work and live in the US”, as well as providing protection to those whose home countries are in crisis, Presidents’ Alliance added.

“SSR is particularly important to international students from these countries who may need to work more hours off-campus or drop below a full-time course load without the risk of violating their student status,” Welch stated.

“We urge DHS to keep moving toward being more responsive to the needs of crisis-impacted populations determined to succeed and build a better future.”

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